Thinking about prayer this week. God hears and answers our prayers. I often think of how taking time to talk with Jesus truly changes our lives. Spending that extra time in communion with him brings a calmness to our minds.

Recently I was faced with a situation I need to pray about. It only affected me because of my attachments to the people involved. Although, attachment is all it takes with me. I am an emotional being. For several years I have prayed very specifically for these people. Only wanting what was best for their lives. Recently learning new things, I wanted to pray emotionally. Now, I know passion drives us to get ahold of Jesus. But sometimes the wrong motive is behind passion. I mean, for instance, being mad at someone, so switching your prayers to a negative thought, rather than God’s will. When I would go to the Lord in prayer, I wanted to say just eliminate the situation, make it be gone, and so on. Every time the Lord stopped me from praying like that. I could only pray for peace, love, understanding, protection, and his will in the lives of people involved. One night I was sitting in church and The Lord spoke to me and said, ” I am not done with **** yet.” I was real confused thinking, well I don’t even see that this person even has an interest in you, Lord.

This reminded me of me when others may  have thought there were no signs of interest in me changing my life. But, they were not there all of those sleepless nights. No one knew of the dreams that rocked my nights. The many talks I had with Jesus alone in my home. No one saw those tears flowing down my face every time I looked in the mirror trying to figure how I got to where I was and how to get to where I knew I should go. I can honestly say…..he worked on me everyday.

My heart grew heavy, thinking, I have no idea God’s plan. I have no idea where God wants to take another individual. His plans are not based on my feelings or emotions. A thankfulness began to well up inside of me. Thankfulness for the fact he never gave up on me. He knew my ending before my beginning and worked and worked on me until my will met with his. No, he can’t change our will but the potter will mold, mend, ply, and work on us consistently. I looked up the meaning of ply Definition of PLY: 1 a :  to use or wield diligently <busily plying his pen>b :  to practice or perform diligently <ply a trade…God is faithful and diligently working on us everyday.

He knows our ending before we even were born. Extremely thankful he understand who we can be through him. He doesn’t chalk us up and put us aside as broken, wounded, or unfixable but he continues molding us into a vessel of honor before him. The vessel didn’t begin looking beautiful or even with a shape. Although, the potter had a shape in mind, an end with a purpose. Sometimes only the potter can see the final masterpiece. Only the potter should we place our trust with our ending.

This is why I think forgiveness and loving others is so important. It is God’s desire to bring everyone to the place of usable clay, vessels of honor. Some may never reach this because they choose not to surrender their will to his, be ply-able in his hands. Other’s on the other hand, the same ones that may clash with your personality, may have hurt you, the one that may annoy you, or even the one who some may see no talent..all of these could be the very one God chooses to use. It is not our decision and if they have repented and now follow after righteousness, God can use them. When we place labels on others we take God’s mercy in our own hands. But when we forgive, and love in the way Jesus teaches, we can overlook much and understand at one time or another we ourselves have found ourselves in these same instances in our lives.

I also believe through our love and forgiveness we are a sort of a missionary. When we love and support others, they in turn can reach their full potential, thus fulfilling their role in the Kingdom. This will enable the Gospel to reach further than you alone could ever reach alone. Together we can make it!

Much Love,

Anita Kuntzman : )