Prayer changes things. When prayer enters into my mind, I immediately think of this statement. There is no greater remedy, weapon, medicine given to each of us, than prayer. We can call on Jesus at any time of the day and he will always answer and supply our needs. Prayer brings peace of mind, even when we do not know what tomorrow holds. Through prayer we also come to know our Heavenly Father. His Word will become alive in our life when we learn to have a daily prayer life.

When I was a young girl the power of prayer was shown to me. It was proven true to me through my mother. If I ever learned anything from my mother, I learned prayer is the key to all things. Yes, I say all things. I have seen healing, when my mother prayed. I witnessed deliverance, when my mother prayed. I watched divine intervention through my mother’s prayer. Because of the miracles that I witnessed that were tied directly to my mom’s prayer, I believed. I did not lack faith as a young girl, because I knew God could do anything but it was initiated through the power of prayer.

My younger brother, Kenneth King, was playing with a lighter while we were visiting my father when he dropped that lighter in a gas can. I watched that can burst into flames in my brother’s face. I remember screaming to him, “Stop drop and Roll.” It sounds funny now but I was not kidding. I learned it in school and my brother was literally on fire. We rushed him to the hospital that day and someone called my  mother. I do not remember much after that but I do remember my mother called on prayer warriors and she made that ER waiting room a prayer room. She was not ashamed and she touched the throne of God for my brother. Kenneth had third degree burns on his face. He should have been scared badly. The doctor was certain he would have to do skin grafts on his face but GOD. God decided to come down into that hospital room and touch my brother. He walked out of there having to have no skin grafts and his face healed perfectly. The only issue is when he got too hot his skin would get kind of red but it was smooth, soft and beautiful. Often people would say how nice looking Kenneth was. I would think, oh yeah, if your face had the kiss of God himself on it, you would be that nice looking too.

I knew the differences in the tone of my mother’s prayer. I would love to listen to her when I was a young girl. If I heard her praying, I would sit or lay quietly. There was usually a great peace and comfort when she prayed. I always said she sing prayed, it sounded like a song to me. I honestly thought nothing could touch us when mom prayed. One night I was sleeping in the cot downstairs, which I often did in the winter as it was much cheaper to close off the upstairs in the winter. Mom began to pray. By the tone of her prayer I knew something was wrong. It was in the middle of the night and the urgency of her prayer cut through me like a knife. I lay quietly waiting to see what was going to happen and a little frightened. Finally mom’s tone changed, that peaceful tone came and I was relieved. Soon after, I mean within minutes the phone rang. Mom packed us kids up and we rushed to my grandmother. God had woken my mother up to pray because at the very moment my grandmother was being broken in on. I remember sitting in her living room as she described the incident. When she said, “I don’t know where my strength came from but some how I got his hand off my throat and his arm shoved out of the door to lock the door and call for help.” My goodness, chills came over me, I knew exactly when and where her strength came from. I also knew my God could do anything. My faith was strong as a young girl because I knew God answered prayers.

As I began to have a life of my own, prayer was my lifeline. If my mother had not taught me to pray, I am sure I would not be here today. I am truly thankful for a praying mother. Although prayer began to take on a different form as I grew in my own life, as I had to seek God for myself. My first self experience was found through a sense of rejection. I began to commune with God in a way to fill a void that was left inside of me growing up without a father. I truly longed for daughter/father talks and because I did not have this I took on a rejected outlook. Nonetheless, this turned into the foundation of a prayer life. Going to Jesus through prayer became my way of having a father. Truth is He is the ultimate Heavenly Father. He became my poppa. I would go into my big, walk-in closet and tell Him everything, just as if I was sitting on my dad’s lap having a father/daughter talk. Now, I look back on those days and laugh, thinking I had to wear him out. I think I told him every boy that I liked and even told Him why they probably did not like me. I would talk to Him about my brothers and especially about my oldest, who always had trouble obeying. I would tell him all about being bullied at school. I would talk to Him about my desire to work for Him when I grew up but talents I did lack. I sure did pour it out on Him. I truly loved God, he was my Heavenly Father.

Through out life, as I grew older, prayer once again revealed itself in a different form for me. Because I took on rejection, I wore it as if it was clothed about me, I made some bad decisions. I still talked to God as I always had. He still was my Poppa. I knew he never would leave me or forsake me. I knew I was the problem not Him and I always treasured Him. I would dream as if this truth was a treasure and I had it wrapped in a treasure box. He was so precious to me. Up until now, I knew I could call on Him and he would help me out of all of my troubles and He did. But there came a point that I learned to truly commune not just talk and ask. He was not there to just rescue me but to have a relationship. Once again I found myself in a very lonely place. I spent hours upon hours talking with God. I will spare you the in between events. Although, I do believe God used misfortune, error to teach me further about who He is. When I would speak with Him at this point, I would take time to listen. I would be working at my desk and start to long to sup with Jesus. My conversing was not just one sided or even always because of need. If you could imagine a nice, sun-shining day, a cup of tea, sweet cookies and the absolute best company….that is what supping with Jesus became for me. I hungered to be in His presence, to glean from His every Word. It was no chore to take time to talk with Jesus; He became my friend as well as my Poppa. He delivered me, taught me as well as encouraged me. All the while I raved over Him. Giving Him glory and thanksgiving for all He had done for me. These were the best “tea times” I had ever had. His protection during this time was beyond imagination. I once imagined Him as my Father. Now through dreams, visions and other supernatural means, His divine protection over my life was so real, so personal, and so tangible but yet in such a mysterious fashion. I had a minister speak to me at the very beginning of this stage of my life, he told me some things but at the end of his word he said, “And only God will be able to receive the Glory for these good works.” My goodness, I get chills thinking about it today. Do not get me wrong, I did not know if survival was possible or even if I wanted to survive, but God. Today, those prayers that I prayed as a young girl, back in the walk-in closet to work in His Kingdom, today the path is clearer. He has made all things right and continues to bless me each day. His plans are greater than our plans thus submitting our will is imperative to our future. The only time in my life that my will was completely submitted to His, not because I am good, but because I had too, God placed diamonds in my path. He opened the heavens and blessed my life beyond my imagination. He prepared for me the man of my dreams and because of the many lessons in prayer has begun to enable me to support him. I look back now and think I had no way of knowing but God.


You have to have a relationship with God to help other’s, I firmly believe. Looking back at the miracles and blessing that were tied to momma’s prayers, I see this now. God used her because she knew and understood His voice. Intercessory prayer will never come before relationship. You cannot test the spirits, if you do not have understanding of God and His Word. You will not know what to test it with. I am thankful for Purpose Institute. PI has opened up a whole new world of understanding His Word. It shines light on life’s experiences and God sent experiences that at the time seemed so clouded. For instance I’ll tell of two different incidences at two different times in my life. God woke me up during the night in my thirty’s. I could hear a lady crying as if she was lying beside me after a few moments I knew the voice. I kind of argued with God about who am I to pray for this pastor’s wife. I was nothing with so many issues. I did say a prayer that night but probably not as intently as I should have. A week or so later I heard news that this lady had found herself in a terrible predicament due to loneliness as her husband had recently passed away. After being apart of PI and some real one on one personal relationship training I had another incident occur. A friend’s husband was in the hospital dying, I spent a few hours there visiting her. When I got home in the pit of my stomach was a yearning, one that I cannot explain. It was restlessness. I went to my sacred area to pray. I prayed, and got up but the yearning was still there. Needless to say in that hour I was all over my house praying trying to rid the pull in my gut. I finally lay across my bed and something broke. My entire being prayed, shook, even for lack of better word, mourned until finally I began to laugh. I laughed and laughed. I had truly never experienced this before. Because of my laughter I thought for sure this man would live. Needless to say, he did not live, he died. I was so confused by this. Later I was in a class discussing intercessory prayer and told of my experience. At that time it was explained to me the release of that burden came through laughter. It made so much sense as I was truly released at that point. I still did not understand why he did not make it but I gave it to the Lord.

I have found throughout my life that prayer comes in different forms, patterns and stages as we grow. PI has given me a greater understanding of these stages. Through the intercessory class this semester I have learned we have to use the whole armor of God when we are fighting spiritual warfare. We have to go into battle shielding ourselves by putting on the whole armor of God that we may withstand the devil. If we  are not fully prepared with God’s word we too can become prey to the devices of the enemy while fighting for another. Intercessory prayer is not an easy talk with Jesus; it can be rather forceful emotionally and physically. Coming out of this type of prayer and not allowing the spiritual realm that you feel affect your everyday emotions can be difficult but possible. Wearing the helmet of salvation, knowing and understanding what you believe will protect your mind. Having the breastplate of righteousness, understanding that your righteousness is as filthy rags but it is through His righteousness all things can be restored, will protect your heart. When doubt enters your mind, the shield of faith will spring up provoking you to trust in Jesus, not yourself. Lace up those shoes of peace real tight, because intercession will drive a war cry but without peace that drive can destroy what was meant for good. Hold onto the sword of the Spirit. You will not be able to fight battles on your own, you have to be led by the Spirit to understand and know what you are fighting. The belt of truth will set you free. Knowing truth will give you understanding why you need to fight. If you are blind yourself, you will never feel the burden for another.

Putting on the whole armor of God enables you to fight for others. I am thankful for the process, even the painful processes that have equipped me with my personal armor. With these experiences, I can strategically place the things I have been taught to give me true understanding of His Word, this helping me to grow each day.