Hate, what a strong word! It almost stings as it comes out of your mouth. You can feel your body tense just thinking about hate. I woke up this morning with HATE on my mind. The news media is full of hate. It is almost like a plague. It starts in a specific area and before you know it, like wildfire it has infected millions.

My initial thoughts were on a national level, the outrage that is flowing across our country on the basis of racism. I actually HATE racism. Growing up my best friend’s skin color was different than mine; however her being was much like my own. I never looked at her and thought of her any differently in a negative sense. I loved her. She was my friend. She felt the same feelings I felt, she had the same struggles I had, she laughed the same as I laughed and smiled the same as I smiled, she got angry just as I got angry and was ornery as I was ornery. We did life together. We fought battles together. She stood up for me because I wore skirts every day as I stood up for her in other ways. We both, because of “class” or “religion” faced some tough ridicule during our school age years. We both survived. I periodically will check to see where she is in life now. She is a mom, the same as I, she works and has a career the same as I, she loves her family the same as I. She is now a beautiful lady that I honor because of her strength and endurance.

That being said I did see color in the way you would open a crayon box and see color but I also saw people in the same way as I saw those crayons, as people. The crayons all were a different color, no doubt about that. The crayons were all still crayons, no doubt about that either. Pretty simple, right? So I thought, until lately.

When I see a person, I truly just see a person. The hate that seems to dictate our world today, I cannot pretend to understand. It truly breaks my heart. I cannot wrap my mind around such a driving force that would persuade anyone to feel above another human. I really do not care about your status in life, your color or last name. What I do care about is YOU. YOU are a human, designed directly from The King’s hands. YOU are beautifully and wonderfully made. God’s Word says so. How could I ever believe it for myself, if I first cannot believe that for you? I cannot. We are children of God. His Word says, He desires for NO ONE to parish but for all to have eternal life. How could anyone feel the right to take another human’s destiny in their own hands? I will never understand.

As I laid there praying this morning, I became convicted and burdened, burdened for myself. I know strange, however I know me better than anyone knows me but God. The hate had me confused and examining. I have to examine what I know. I know myself. I began to dig, dig deep within my soul, checking out my inner being. As if I was taking a scope through every inch of my body. When I would come across a wound, a scar, a misunderstanding a failure it stung and my body would become tense, just the same as when I mention or think of the word HATE. I realized that unless we deal with life’s circumstance, unless we allow Jesus to heal us, hate lingers, hate becomes an ulcer that in turn will make the entire body sick. When we are sick physically we physically cannot act or react in a healthy way. When we are sick spiritually we cannot act or react in a healthy way either. Life is life; we cannot always avoid everything that will bring us harm. We can, however, allow Jesus to sift through our brokenness and heal our mind and hearts. We cannot carry the weight of  hate. It is the silent killer. It will wreak havoc on your mind, eventually destroying your body. This morning I was confused as to how such HATE could so quickly become so widespread. The answer is it has been lying silently in the heart of many. It has been widespread for years watching and waiting, ready to kill, steal and destroy. The devil uses our personal triggers, our personal wounds, our personal misunderstandings to bring division. The division feels justified because; after all we are hurting for legitimate reasons. But reacting to hurt with acts of hate does nothing more than cause more hurt and more open wounds, leaving a cycle of hate for generations to come.

No entity can survive under these circumstances. I do not care how spiritual you are, how right your doctrine is, how much you attend church….if you allow hate seeds to set in your inner being, you will never be a productive member of any entity. If hate is fed from one person to the next, this encompassing jealousy, envy and strife, that entity will never reach its full potential. You may have a victory here and there but you will never have complete success. HATE sabotages health and stunts growth. Each of us has some work to do, from the loudest protestor to the quietest person on the pew. We all have the potential to carry these weights. Until we learn to release them, to allow the blood of Jesus to flow through our veins, to allow God to heal, even when you feel justified, you will stay bound up in the current events. HATE is strong but quiet until it leads you to react. Every single time that reaction will cause some sort of hurt. Do not think you are above the person screaming in the streets for justice, if you’re quietly spreading hate seeds through gossip and strife. You are not! You’re destroying this land. You’re destroying people! This is a time to clean up the insides of our hearts and get right before His returning. We cannot help one single soul if we are sick ourselves.

“Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;
Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” (Psalms 51:7)



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